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Kochin Kitchen 

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This awesome Kerala style (South Indian) cuisine restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown Ottawa at 271 Dalhousie Street


They have a very well spread menu ( with the traditional Paratha & Kozhi Curry a personal favourite. They also have a very good variety of seafood & the Spice levels are customised based on what you can take.

kochin kitchen menu

They also are one of the very limited restaurants offering south indian snacks like Vada, Paper Dosa, Masala Dosa & Oothapam (not to mention yummy Coconut Chutney and Sambar)

kochin kitchen vada

Most importantly their team is ever so friendly & great at service that we can guarantee that you'll keep going back to the place just for their amazing people!

kochin kitchen staff

PS: If you do visit them and like their food, do give them a shout out on their FB page at or tweet them @Kochinkitchen ; also give us a shout on our comments page if you agree with our pick!



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