Understanding the role of a lawyer

A lawyer is mandatory to completing a house transfer process (either a new house or a resale) as part of the OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) guidelines - https://www.orea.com/.

A common misconception about a lawyer is that it is quite a straight forward process and it is best to go with one quoting the lowest rate. We however are of the opinion that a lawyer plays a very key role in the process and the following illustrates their role - 

role of a lawyer in buying a house 

Caution: ensure you do due diligence in going over the paperwork in the process, since you are responsible for your information being correct.


Few points to summarise -

  1. As seen above, a lawyer does a lot of steps and based on how good the lawyer is (and hence asks for appropriate compensation), the process for you becomes as smooth.
  2. Keep in touch regularly with your lawyer to ensure nothing is a surprise towards the end of the process.
  3. Ensure you do due diligence in finding a patient & committed lawyer! Ultimately, this will probably be the biggest investment in your life; so it does not bode well to rush your decisions .
  4. Never go with the lowest quoting lawyer; always ensure you are well aware of all the charges that will be passed on to you.


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