Understanding Buyer Brokers

Buyer Broker vs. Grapevine Listings

Grapevine Listings (http://grapevine.ca/) are typically Broker free listings by a seller. Some sellers may choose to list a property and perform every subsequent aspect of the transaction on their own, or have a broker represent them (Seller brokers). Buyer Brokers represent the interests of a Buyer, and in some rare case, a broker may represent both parties (no idea how this could ever work fair for both parties! ).

Buyer Broker

A common misconception about using a Broker while looking for a house is in trusting the intention of the Broker - is the intent noble, is there credibility in that person, are you best interests represented, etc. Before answering any of the above questions, it is important to understand the role of a Buyer broker. The following illustrates the role of a Buyer Broker - 

role of a buyer broker

Typically the Buyer broker is compensated half of the amount that a seller entails for a sale (one half to Seller broker and the other half to the Buyer Broker). In some cases, buyer brokers offer to share some of their commission with you. 

Caution: be wary of signing any exclusive contracts with the Buyer broker where you will have to compensate them even if you find a house on your own.



Few points to summarise -

  1. As seen above, a lot of steps are necessary and in the absence of a broker, you will need to invest a lot of time for each of the above.
  2. On the contrary, having a broker does not mean you can sit back. You are equally responsible for ensuring due diligence on the paperwork.
  3. Ensure you do due diligence in finding a patient & committed broker who does not rush you into decision making! Ultimately, this will probably be the biggest investment in your life; so it does not bode well to rush your decisions .


Recommendation / Partner

Our recommendation / partner for your House Brokerage needs are - 

Navi Singh

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He is an amazing person at understanding needs, and more so in giving you unbiased opinion on houses / prices.


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