Welcome to Ottawa

Initial Thoughts

The challenge with moving to any new City is in understanding the geography of the location (a.k.a availability of key services - grocery/departmental stores, entertainment hubs, restaurants/eateries/take-out joints, schools, proximity to local transport etc.) aligning with what your personal needs are.

With that in consideration, our opinion is to never look for / close out a lease option remotely without having visited the city.


The reason being, there could more to meet the eye than what you see in a photo. Some options to find temporary accommodations include -

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Additional Considerations

If you are unused to driving in Canada or are planning to use the public transport bus network, then be sure to look for Route maps and schedules at - 

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This is necessary since you do not want to spend a long time walking getting to a bus (unless you prefer it that way ).

Renting a Car

Personal choice has been to go with Enterprise, since they seem to have the best rates available (and also some of the better vehicles) - 

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