Tips & Best practices for getting Police Clearance certificates

One of the mandatory requirements for people applying to the Canadian PR is to get Police clearance certificates from all countries where you have resided atleast 6 months over the last 10 years (


General Tips & Guidance

1. Certificate should not be older than 6 months from the date of the application. Do not be over zealous in getting the application too quickly.

2. All certificates should be in Color, including scanned version, or they will be rejected!

3. All adult (18+) Family members part of the PR application need to get these.

4. 6 months definition is cumulative and not just one stretch.

5. Time taken to get the Clearance certificates varies from country to country; refer the country specific Embassy website to know more.

6. Police Certificates in languages other than English & French should have translation done.

7. You need the following to apply for a Clearance Certificate - ID Documents, Passport, Finger prints, Addresses, Span of time per country, Photographs & the corresponding application fee

8. Refer the CIC website for country specific rules; if specific country is not listed, contact the Embassy of that country or ask your immigration consultant.


Police Clearance Certificate from India

Refer - 

Applying in Canada via the Indian High Commission

1. Quick & Smooth process if you go through BLS India - the partners for getting the certificate from the High Commission of India (

2. If you forget to carry a photograph, they have provisions to take it on the spot.

3. Make sure all personal details are accurate, entered in Black Ink & more importantly that the information is Complete.

4. They have a provision to deliver the certificate to you by post, and tracking number is provided.

5. Ensure all docs are in order when you go there, quickens the process. Also try to go first thing in the morning, so their mood is good (wink)

Applying in India

1. You can apply at the Regional Passport Office, local Police District Station or at the Commissioner's office.

2. Ensure they give you the letter in Color; if the Passport Office does not, then you may have to apply at the Commissioner's office for this (and this can be time consuming).



Police Clearance Certificate from the United States of America

You will need to apply for a FBI certificate as detailed in 

Tips related to getting it from the USA are as follows - 

1. Long processing time (12-14 weeks per the FBI website and NO tracking); hence apply at the earliest!

2. Ottawa has specific Security centers that take "10 prints" (fingerprints of all digits on the hand); you will need this if you haven't been 10-printed earlier. Look for the location nearest to you.

3. Even if you have been 10-printed before, it'd be wiser to do it again (lest you want to know it was rejected after 12-14 weeks).

4. Carry your original Work Permit for the 10-prints, scanned or photocopies are not accepted.

5. Destination address is listed in the CIC website mentioned above.



We hope you are successful in getting the necessary Police certificates easily & quickly as part of the CRS Express entry program ( Do let us know in the comments section if these tips were useful to you. Best of luck!