The Simplified ABCV process for PR

We like to simplify the CRS Express Entry Process as an ABC & V Process

The express entry system consists of 3 categories:

Apply an Online express entry profile

Skilled foreign workers need to complete express entry profile that consists of personal information (family information, dependents etc.), Contact information, Education, Work experience, Language abilities etc. Once the information is entered and the profile is created, it becomes a part of an express entry pool consisting of Canadian immigration candidates. The applications are ranked based on CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Systems) - refer to the points trend here Depending on several factors, the point varies from person to person.

Bank your Job Profile 

Once the profile has been created, it is mandatory requirement to register with Canada's Job bank. It is an online portal that consists of all the Canadian employers under one roof. They have access to all the profiles registered. Based on the skill set, they can offer you an employment.

Complete an ITA request (Invitation to Apply)

The Canadian government reviews the applications in the pool and releases a score. The applicants having greater than or equal to the score released will receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply). Once you receive an ITA, you will be given a time frame of 90 days to submit all the relevant document and electronic application. The response will be received in a matter of 6 months.

Validation and PR Acceptance

If all goes well, you should have your PR in under 6 months!


crs program flow chart 

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