Tips & Tricks applying for a Canadian Work Permit

canada work permit sample

If you are looking to work in Canada, then you need to apply for a Work permit and a Visa (if you are applying from outside of Canada). Official process for this is defined at - 

Best practices

1. If you are applying from outside of Canada, you need to fill in IMM1295 

2. Family Information Form IMM5645 ( should have Family member names exactly as it appears on their National documents like Passport. A common mistake people do and end up facing application rejections is because of Abbreviation of names, mistakes in spelling etc.

3. Photo specifications keep changing, and it is best to follow the official guide at Avoid looking at some old reference / forum / blog and risk rejection due to incorrect photo standards!

4. If you are applying from outside Canada, then you may need to apply for an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization) or Visitor Visa IMM5257 (, unless you are from a Visa-exempt country. Verify if you need a Visa at

5. You will need to provide 3 year Income Tax Returns and 3 months payslip (if applicable) & 6 months Bank statement to show Income Capacity, to travel and stay in Canada for a while.

6. You will also likely be asked to undergo a Medical Exam from a Certified Panel physician - 

7. Understand the difference between Open Work Permit & Employer Tied -

8. Spousal Work permit can be applied per the following -


Once you have done the above, you can apply online (either yourself or your representative) at - 


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