Cineplex Cinemas and the Scene Card Loyalty Program


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A convenient and comfortable entertainment option in Ottawa is the Cineplex Movie Theater Chain that is well spread across the City!

Look for the Location in Bayshore and surrounding areas at -


This chain has a easy to use web and mobile interface to book tickets (, bookings are allowed atleast 3 days in advance & more importantly this is a very clean and well maintained chain. Their new Recliner Seats based showings (Ultra AVX / Prime) are a real treat and give you a royal feeling while you catch a movie of your choice. What is also good about this chain is they tend to have a good spread of movie genres playing (unlike some chains that carpet-bomb some new or hyped movie).


Scene Card

A great partner Loyalty Program to the Cineplex chain is the Scene Card Program (

1. You get discounts on every snack purchase at Cineplex (10% as of this writing, but keep checking their offers page).

2. You earn points for every ticket booked, and on reaching 1000 points you get to exchange that for a free movie!

3. For the last 2 years, every ticket booking yielded 100 points (120 if done through the mobile app). So you get a free movie after 8-10 movies.

4. A great pre-movie show is the TimePlay program. It is a great interactive program ( that you can play on your smart phone against cine goers & earn handsome scene points. In essence, your free ticket gets much closer!

5. They are tied up with various vendor partners for earning points on purchase like - Harveys, Montanas, SportChek, Swiss Chalet, Milestones & more.

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6. Keep checking their rewards page for latest offers - 


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