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World War Museum in Ottawa

One of the favoured museum trips in Ottawa is the spectacular War Museum -

It is based quite close to the Parliament Hill and is a thoroughly enjoyable half day if you are into History of the World wars - 

Complete Details -  


There is some great trivia around this place, and here are some of them - 

1. The unique design is actually setup to point the upward curve towards the Peace tower of Parliament hill (it is lined up exactly to face the flag on Parliament Hill)

war museum outside

2. If you pay close attention to the "fin" in the image above, it has morse code for "Lest we forget" - in honor of all those brave souls who laid down their lives for this great nation!

3. If you are a fan of the Commando comics (, then this is a place that has to be on your visit list - 

commando comic logo

4. The museum isn't pro-allies, all kinds of memorabilia are around.


On a personal note, we could spend an entire day here (our last visit was about 3 hours as part of the Hop-on/Hop-off tour - and we felt we were short of time). So we are planning to visit again this summer.

Here are some additional pics to pique your interest - 

A Panzer IIC Tank 

war museum panzer tank


A 60cm Searchlight

war museum searchlight


Pic says it all

war museum harley davidson


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