The Rideau Falls in Ottawa

A good spot, especially in the evening, is the Rideau Falls on Sussex Drive, Ottawa which is right next to the French Ambassador's home and a short distance away from the Prime Minister's Residence (24 Sussex Dr.) -



Here is some interesting Trivia about this place - 

1. The Falls is known as Rideau since Rideau means Curtain in French & the falls resembles a curtain!

rideau falls flowing 

The falls in spring after all the dirty snow water has gone looks as follows - 

rideau falls in spring

2. This is where the Rideau River empties into the Ottawa River (that separates Ottawa, Ontario from Gatineau, Quebec).

ottawa river rideau falls

3. It is a thrilling experience to stand on the bridge, right over the falls especially right when after the snow has melted.

rideau falls view from the bridge

4. There is a huge lung space / park in this location (much like most of Canada wink) and you can learn more at 

5. The Ottawa river from this viewpoint appears in different Hues and shades during various parts of the year.. this would make a great Post card during the Fall Season!

ottawa river rideau falls

6. The Video below shows the Falls in full flow right after all the snow has melted!



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Also, check out Rideau Hall which is very close to the Rideau Falls - 

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