Einstein Art and Picture Framing Gallery in the Greater Toronto Area

Dr. Flea's Flea Market is a great treasure trove for some nifty collectibles, close to Brampton. It is located off Hwy 27 - 


One such awesome stall in this flea market is Einstein Art & Picture Framing

einstein art and picture framing etobicoke toronto 

The place is owned and operated by the husband-wife due of Frank & Kathy. In fact, they named it as Einstein Art because of Frank's uncanny resemblance to Dr. Albert Einstein

frank and kathy einstein art and picture framing

They are from the war torn region of Baghdad, Iraq and had to leave their well established life there during the Gulf war. It is always a great experience to have a conversation with them as they have rich experiences to share.

Frank teaches art to young adults while Kathy was a Sales director.

The collection they carry is pretty difficult to find and would fit great into your house and/or office - 

einstein art and picture framing frank kathy toronto


PS: Give us a shout in the comments section if you do visit this place! Also, quote newinottawa.com when you visit them... we owe them this favor since we found some amazing wall pieces!


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